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Aseniwuche Group of Companies

Aseniwuche Winewak Nation (AWN) was incorporated in 1994 and represents the six Aboriginal communities in the Grande Cache area. In working towards meeting the Nation's vision and values, AWN incorporated both Aseniwuche Development Corporation (ADC) in 1998 and Aseniwuche Environmental Corporation (AEC) in 2011 to create employment opportunities and to commit to caring for the earth. To learn more about AWN, click here to visit their website. 

For resource developers working in the AWN's Traditional Lands, ADC workers are a vital asset. Their cultural and traditional knowledge of the environment, wildlife and history of the land give them an innate understanding of natural systems. When our workers recreate a stream bed, they know what it used to look like, they understand its properties, they know what fish inhabit the stream and understand what those fish need to live sustainably. Our community cares that the work is completed properly because they are invested to this land. Their grandfather's have cared for this land and have most likely fished from the same stream, and we hope the future generations will too. 


ADC was incorporated by AWN in 1998 to facilitate our local community’s participation in the growing resource industry. Over the years ADC has contributed significantly to the local economy through wages, training, contracts, donations and purchasing local goods and services. After several years of growth and expansion, ADC now provides multiple services out of our state-of-the-art facility to cater to the growing demand.

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